Rockefeller Capital Management is an ideal place to jumpstart your career in the financial services industry. Whether you're an undergraduate or post-graduate, we will provide you with real-world experience doing meaningful work with tangible achievements.


Summer Analyst Program

Rockefeller Capital Management offers a distinctive Summer Analyst Program experience as a premier independent financial advisory firm. Our diversified businesses, boutique size, and entrepreneurial culture shape a dynamic, personalized experience for our Analysts. Key highlights include:

  • a manager and mentor to support learning and development
  • information sessions on how the business is structured, how the firm serves clients, and how our employees at all levels of the firm contribute to achieving our goals
  • a speaker series to promote a deep understanding of the firm and its businesses and share personal perspectives from employees
  • weekly check-in meetings with the program team
  • facilitated discussions on current events with macro and micro relevance to our businesses
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Summer Analyst Application Process

There are plenty of opportunities for success at Rockefeller Capital Management.
Here's what to expect as you go through the application process.

Our Prior Summer Analysts

How would you describe the culture at Rockefeller Capital Management?
It is a very collaborative environment. Between every team, there is a mutual understanding that if one team is doing well, we are all doing well. Specifically, when I came onto my team, I was immediately given the space to ask questions. Rockefeller places a lot of trust in its new employees, so, even if I have never done something before, my team pushes me to try my best, while simultaneously being a safety net for when I need help.

What attracted you to the Summer Analyst Program at Rockefeller Capital Management?
I was drawn to participate in the Summer Analyst Program at Rockefeller Capital Management not only because of the long-standing relationship with my university, Spelman College, but also because Rockefeller Capital Management stood out most amongst other financial firms in their innovative growth and mindset to best service their clients and employees.

What advice do you have for people who are starting out in their careers and are interested in advancing at Rockefeller?
Be open and honest with both yourself and the people that you work with. As an undergraduate, I was interested in investment banking, and Rockefeller provided me with the opportunity to solidify that interest. There are a lot of different businesses and roles at our firm, so just being open to learning about the different positions and talking to different people is extremely important for someone starting out in their career.

How has the Summer Analyst program positioned you to succeed in your future career?
In my role, I have been exposed to many aspects of human capital, including analytics, recruitment, onboarding, diversity and inclusion, compensation and benefits, and talent management. My knowledge of human capital and desire to work in the field have been enhanced significantly. More generally, the roundtables with the Management Committee, Business Unit Leader presentations, Advisor Speaker Series, and other events have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the financial services industry, as well as how Rockefeller functions as an organization.




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Summer Analyst Class of 2019

An Investment in Your Future


Competitive Wage

We provide interns with a competitive hourly wage.


Impactful Work

Interns work on projects that have a clear business impact.



We offer a variety of roundtable discussions with management committee members.



Interns are matched with a mentor to facilitate career development.


Career Growth

Interns have the opportunity to return full-time after the successful completion of their internship.

A. We have various locations across the U.S., offering a range of job opportunities. For information about our office locations, see our Office Locations page.
A. Applicants for entry-level positions are expected to have a bachelor's degree, an understanding of the financial services industry, and at least 1-2 prior internships in the desired field. Additionally, applicants should be adaptable, comfortable in ambiguity, have a global perspective, and work well in fast-paced environments.
A. Rockefeller Capital Management utilizes Microsoft technology across all office locations. Our offices are equipped with Windows desktops and cloud-based technology, allowing employees to collaborate across locations. Additionally, we employ biometrics and multi-factor authentication, ensuring top of the line security.
A. When you accept a job offer from us, you will be given access to our onboarding portal, where you will find everything you need to get ready for your first day at the firm. Furthermore, your manager and team members will guide you and help you acclimate to your role and to the firm.
A. Typically, students are undergraduates that are rising juniors or seniors and in good standing at their college with a strong GPA. Additionally, students must be authorized to work in the U.S. The program is 10 weeks, beginning in early June and ending in mid August.

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